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Change ISP ipv6 dns with cloudflare

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I'm fighting to get my DNS resolving to go completely over a 3rd party dns service (cloudflare).


I get my IP via dhcpv6, and my isp also gives the dns servers.



$ show dns forwarding nameservers 
   Nameservers configured for DNS forwarding
----------------------------------------------- available via 'system' available via 'system'
2a02:1800:100::42:1 available via 'system'
2a02:1800:100::42:2 available via 'system'

The top two get overridden with my custom configuration, but how can I add my own IPv6 entries? 


I've distilled that it's via this config:


"interfaces": {
"ethernet": {
"eth0": {
"dhcpv6-pd": {
"no-dns": "''"
"system": {
"name-server": [

will plunking this in config.gateway.json work, or do I actually need to copy *everything* in there?


 EDIT: in short, yep. Just that and it's all good.