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Cloud Key? UNMS? What do I choose?

I purchased the EdgeRouter POE and the Unifi AC SHD for my company's network.  We have 2 WAN connections incoming for this network, with most users using WIFI.


I purchased the Cloud Key thinking this was what I needed to control my network config and monitor throughput, but then I saw there is something called UNMS that is free and handles that as well.


What should I use??


Thanks for any help.  



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Re: Cloud Key? UNMS? What do I choose?

 You actually need both. The cloud key (more specifically the Unifi controller that runs on it)  is needed to control unified devices like the SHD access point ( and unify specific routers and switches)

UNMS on the other hand provides a similar centralized management for Edge devices ( routers and switches).  

Currently they do not work together, and UNMS is optional,  while the Unifi controller is required 

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Re: Cloud Key? UNMS? What do I choose?

You can alsow download UniFi Controller app for iOS and Android and use that as well.  Or you can download Widnows, Mac and Linux versions too: