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DPI statistics lost after restart... Lost DPI data

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After an extended period of downtime, after storm damage and lightinfg strikes took out low power grid, and electricity was off for 23 hours.


so, USG and UniFi controller, although both on UPS and Generators, do not power for 23 hours, [20 hours only.]


I've noticed that data is missing from DPI, it was up to 485GB, and now it shows 235GB.


I'm reporting because there seems to be some debate as to whether restarting USG loses data, well some of mine has been lost.


I installed a USG about 28 days ago, so it's uptime, was approx 28 days, before the power loss.


this is a screenshot from 15 July 2018 - 325GB


this is a screenshot from 29 July 2018 - today - after restart


So Ubiquiti, I ask what happened here, did my USG drop into a worm hole at the power loss, and go back in time, to 15 July 2018 ?




UCK-G2-PLUS v.0.8.12•UniFi Network 5.9.29-11384-1• UniFi Protect 1.6.1
USW-48 • USW-8
UVC-G3-Flex 4.9.25
2018-07-15 00_25_01-UniFi.png
2018-07-29 12_39_06-UniFi.png