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Double entry in Controller client list

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In my Unifi controller client list (and in the Insights Known Client list), I have a mac address entry and an Name/IP address entry for the same physical device (a Ubiquiti Nanobeam Gen 2 as it happens).  In the attached photo this is the top line and the bottom line. These entries have persisted across reboots and restarts of the controller and the nanobeam.


This is the only device that shows up with this dual entry. I have two other nanobeams (gen 1) in the network and they only show up with their IP. I have checked the nanobeam configuration and it seems to be consistent with the other nanobeams.


Any thoughts on what I should look for to take care of this oddity?




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Re: Double entry in Controller client list

It's probably using a poorly designed network broadcast code using non-standard formats. I have the same problem with a brand name media player that does this. I can assign a name to it, but the next time it connects, it ignores the name and my Controller sees it as a new device again. I have since removed the name and just let it connect with the MAC showing. Once that box is retired and replaced with a Shield TV box, the issue will go away as the Shield broadcasts properly.

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