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Expected behaviour USG Pro 4 Poweron without conenction to the controller

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Hi all,


I have the following setup:

- Controller on a Server equipped with a Remote-Controller Card (has it's own IP)

- USG Pro 4 in front of that Server


Everything is working fine as long as it is up and running. I can access the power-switch buttons on the management page of the Remote-Controller Card as it is allowed by Port-Forwarding. Furthermore a site-2-site is enabled to access it.

There is an unexpected power loss.


My USG Pro 4 boots up, but seems to not accept any connections until it has connection to the unifi controller.

This is bad for me as the Unifi Controller is located on the server which is behind the USG. 


It seems like the USG Is forgetting about its last provisioned configuration...

Is this behaviour as intended or should the USG remember the last valid configuration on the device?


Thanks in advance,



This is a simplified case - in this case I could enable power on after power loss in the server bios, but in my specific case the server is encrypted and has to be unlocked with a startup-pin manually.