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Feature Request: Topology Map Export

First of all I would like to say, that I love the UniFi product line.  It's very well designed and I really like the fact that I can be anywhere and check on my supported networks whether from my laptop or from my Android phone.


If I could request one thing from the devs it would be the ability to export the Topology Map to a diagraming program like Visio.  Also there are a couple of good Visio templates out there for UniFi devices, can the map include those symbols rather than circles and ovals.  What I find so valueable from the topology maps is the link labels.  Whether you show clients or not, the Link Labels show concisely the main connections that make your clients environment function at a glance.




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Re: Feature Request: Topology Map Export

Export, print and rotate the topology map will be a great add-on!