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Firewall Rules Help Please

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I need some help please, 


I have the following networks


1. Main Network - - This gives IP's to all my Unifi devices as well company PC's etc

2. VOIP Phones - - This gives correct IP's to all my VOIP phones and I have specified VLAN 30 here

3. Camera DVR - - I have only the DVR conencted as and have specified VLAN 40 here


What I want to do is block everybody from each other, only whtin the same network can access necessary PC's etc.

This works if I use Option2 "Block all vLans to one another"


But now I have a PC with IP, it has a network cable going from the PC to the VOIP phone becase the phone does allow network etc. to passthrough, so its like a switch, from the PC I want to access as well any necessary PC's etc on network


By playing around qith different firewall rules on the LAN_IN I have managed to get to connect to and nobody else can access the VOIP network, however I just cannot seem to get to access the main network specifically


I have since removed all firweall rules so we can continue to work for now, currently anybody can access anybody across networks.


Could somebody assist me here please.


 I have a

USG Router - with Firmware

Unifi Switch 8 POE-150W with Firmware

Unifi Switch 24 with Firmware