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[Help] mDNS issues with USG 3P

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Hi All,


I am running into issues with mDNS and the USG 3P. I have 2 VLANs each with their own SSID. My AP is a nanoHD. In one of the VLANs I have a wireless printer, and in the other I have a Mac in which I'm trying to configure the printer. In order to discover the printer I need to have mDNS enabled (to use Bonjour). I enabled the "Enable Multicast DNS" option under "Services -> MDNS" with no luck. I was only able to get it working twice for about 5 min each time after enabling and disabling ICMPv3 in the "Wireless Networks" section. After those first 5 minnutes it would just stop working. For some reason I can't get it to work in a connsistently. I also don't have custom firewall rules, just the default ones.


To summarize, if both devices are on the same network (and SSID) then I can discover the prinnter. If they are in different networks I can't discover the prinnter evenn though I have mDNS enabled and don't have any custom firewall rules. Is there an option I'm missing?


Any ideas?



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Re: [Help] mDNS issues with USG 3P

I assume neither of the WLANs is a guest network.


Check to see if Block LAN to WLAN Multicast and Broadcast Data is in enable on either WLAN.  If so, add the printer to the Excepted Devices list.


Also tick the box to enable Enable multicast enhancement (IGMPv3)