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Help with VLAN setup

Hi all,


Im setting up my first bigger installation and I need some help with the VLAN setup.

The site will have 10 UAP's, a USG-Pro4 and 2x 24 port 250W switches.

There will be VoIP calling and 2 ISP where the 2nd one will function as a fail-over line.


What I have in mind for setup is this:


Mgmt: for all acces to router etc.

Office: for employees on the site (acces to NAS, printers etc).

VoIP: for VoIP devices.

Guests: for guests (with captive portal).


Now I have 4 seperate networks setup, where someone connected to Office can't see a device on VoIP, right?

What does is mean if I setup a network and also say the Office is a VLAN 2, VoIP is VLAN 3 and Guests is VLAN 4?


What happens when you dont setup 4 different networks with different IP ranges, but just select "VLAN only" (when creating a new network) instead of choosing "Corporate"?


Im now confused what to do?


Als the next step is to select the ports on the switch to tell what ports are only allowing VoIP data etc.

Does anyone see where im getting confused?