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Home network expansion



I am in need of network rebuild. Well, the "need" is not a exact word for decribing current situation. It is my geek/nerdiness which forces me to constantly rethink and redesign all things electronic in my house. I am not an expert in networking. I am an electronics engineer. I never owned a professional rack-mounted server nor managed switch. However utilizing the "dumb" wireless routers packed with multiple features has lead me to believe that one device is not capable of maintaining different roles efficiently. For example my RT-AC68U in first months after purchase had almost all features enabled. Nowadays it is only routing and providing wireless signal. Even DHCP was moved to external PiHole. I am willing to broaden my knowledge horizon. 


1. Current situation


image.pngcurrent situation

I am the owner of Location B on the diagram and co-owner of Location A. Location A is on elevated terrain while Location B is blocked from outside world with trees and buildings surrounding it. There are no local telecom lines nearby or they are in poor condition (max 1Mbit/s with lousy performance). Location A has a WISP with 15 Mbit/s and generic router+AP. I agreed with WISP to attach one more antenna to Location A with 10Mbit/s bandwidth and bought PBE 5AC to setup the very lucky (narrow passage of signal between trees and rooftops) connection to Location B. I have multiple IoT devices in Location B (on 2G4 wifi and eth) and some wireless entertainment thingamajigs (cellphones, PC). Location A is occupied by my parents with minimum network usage requirement.


2. Target



- two locations merged into one network. Intercom over IP in mind 

- both locations with surveilance cams

- highest possible performance internet access (load balance of two WISP) with fallback to LTE

- remote access (currently done by OpenVPN).

- VLAN for IoT

- special enabled/disabled VLAN for gaming with either a high QoS or having an exclusive one of the WISP links (or LTE if lower ping). I am really frustrated when during online play someone starts watching Netflix.

- clear visibility of network health (Unifi Controller <3)

- guest networks (very secure because of how network-ignorant my guests tend to be)

- (secondary objective) roaming for APs in Location B since due to the obstruction a cellular service is limited to one bar and wifi-calling is utilized. No possibility to use one AP because o thick walls (~60cm). I know the limitations of roaming so this is a secondary objective.




3. Thoughts

So as APs and swithcing is more or less clear, the most confusing part is the router. I read many topics and analysed the products specs and it pains me greatly that Unifi gateways are so limited compared to Edgerouters. I think it would be possible to have three WANs on ER and with some smart scripts it would be possible to create what is desired but the pain of losing the most critical thing which routing is from Unifi Controller makes me really sad.

Do you think there is a possibility to somehow modify this project f.e. create separate networks for each WISP and route between them? Please share your thoughts.