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Hotspot radius login is not Working

Firmware 4.0.30

controller 5.10.20 


radius is running on the usg 

geust control portals is running and connected to te usg radius server

te guest portals control/settings page says radius in running and is green. 


We have Working radius user when is set the ssid on radius/ WPA Enterprise the users can login. 


When is set the ssid to open and active guest portal. The portal opens no issue yet. 

The portals aks for the radius guest login. 

Butt when i try to login with a Working radius user noting happend. The portal keeps loading 

but don’t login. 


What im doing wrong or do i forget somthing? 

Usg and iptv jsons

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Re: Hotspot radius login is not Working



There is a section that mentions radius config in guest networks