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How to configure VLAN IP for Management, WiFi, LAN?



I got a network here in my homeoffice. I have the Ubiquiti setup like Cloud Key, USG, 24Port POE Switch and 2 AC-AP-Pro. The Router, which is also for my VoIP DECT phones and Fax is a Fritzbox 7490. I also have a Synology DS1815+ with link aggregation and 2 ports connected to the switch, 8 satellite receivers, internet media players and a few apple tvs.


Right now everything is in one Network Subnet. 192.168.0.x, except the fritzbox which has the ip. I can't access the fritzbox with the ip from my mac but when I enter fritz.box  the admin screen pops up.


I want to use a management vlan for the fritzbox and all other equipment with a webinterface so that nobody can try to login there. 

i want to setup 2 guest network. one which is only for using the internet and one that can communicate between the logged in devices. 

the sat receivers should have a seperate ip subnet. is it possible to let one client (like my mac) access all devices? how? 


i tried to enter the fritzbox ip subnet as a Management Network on the ubiquiti Dashboard setup, but as soon as I enter it no internet access is possible anymore. 


I hope anybody understands what I try to do. It would be easier to explain it in german, if there is anybody out there that understands german.