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How to route USG traffic if there a firewall in front of USG

Hi there Expert,


New to unifi. I need some advice on the setup. I have a firewall in front of of USG and follow by switch and dhcp server. I tried route all AP, switch and client via USG it can access the internet and able to access internal network but external site is unable to access internal network. Since all external private network is coming thru from the firewall. Since all the tunnel from the other site is coming into from the firewall. Is there anyway I can route all traffic external or internal who want to access the other site private network take the firewall route without changing the gateway of all device to the firewall IP address? 


Firewall ( - USG ( - DHCP server ( - LAN (


i try try adding a static route distance 1 and next hop to but it doesn’t work. If anyone could advice me would be great.