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IP Phones Sluggish & Random Reboots

I recently switched from Cisco to Unifi SW across my network.


I have vlans working, routing just fine. The phones get a correct DHCP address from the EdgeRouter doing DHCP, and passthrough works to computers connected.

But since the upgrade, the phones are slow to dial (because they open a line on the phone system as they dial) and do random reboots, with the message "Reseetting URQ".


Switch network is as such (there are more switches connected to 16XG, but this is most direct to phone):

       16XG UFiber ==> Office 1 USW ==> Avaya 9608 IP Phone



   Comms RM USW <==> Avaya IP Office Phone Server





Phone System: Avaya IP Office 500 V2, R8.1(43); - LAN (1) - VOICE (100) - GUEST (200)


Port Profile - Native/LAN1 Voice/VOICE100



Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 12.04.44 pm.png