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IPSec works only with DNS names that resolve to IPv4 addresses ?

I have a setup of two locations ( one Edgerouter, one USG ) that I have a IPSec VPN setup between. Both locations get dynamic IPs (IPv4 and IPv6) from German telecom and the setup works fine.


I have setup the IPSec VPN via commandline on both machines as well as IPv6 support. The only problem I have is, that if the dyndns names of the locations resolve to IPv6 and IPv4 entries I can't get the VPN to connect as both side try connections on IPv6 then and never IPv4.


So for now I have them setup that the names resolve to IPv4 names. That works.


The question for me is: Can I get them connect the VPN connection on IPv6 at all of if that is not supported ?

Site1: 1xUSG, 1xUCK, 2xAP NanoHD, 1 USW-16-250W
Site2: 1xER-X, 2xAP AC Pro