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LAN Vlan Network config



We are currently working on our network.

I have attached a network plan.


Router by the Internet Provider

--> USG Firewall (Lan 1 as internal network and Lan 2 as guest network + a DHCP server running on the USG for both)

--> 1st Switch in the server room

From the Switch in the server room we have two SFP connections to two other unifi switches.


The server room switch is connected to 3 servers:

Server 1: Company 1 data shares + SQL system + payment system + AD for the specific IP's (for example WS S1)

Server 2: Company 2 data shares and AD for the specific IPs (For example WS S2)

Server 3: Database Backup for both


One other switch "HK Lager" is for the wifi only with 2 wireless networks runnning on the AP 

SSID 1 = Internal Wifi- access to everything

SSID 2 = Guest Wifi - access to the internet only

These 2 SSID's should run on all WIFI AP's.


So specific ports should be a connection to the Server 1 and should get the internet over LAN 1

and specific ports should be only for guests.


We wanted to configure the VLAN's but only the WIFI is working fine with these 2 SSID'S and the permissions.

The lan network for connecting the 2 differnt comapny servers with the Workstations isnt working at all.


There is a third Switch "Getränkelager".

the important Workstations for the Servers are connected to this switch.


My question now is:

How can I manage this network with VLANs? 

I think that I am doing something completely wrong with the Vlan Tagging.

Where do I have to set the switch port profiles, the VLAN onlys and the native networks and so on?


WE want to connect the whole system as on the network plan, and right now we have to keep the 2 companys seperated + the backup server and a guest wifi + the local LAN network which connects the company software to the Workstations.


Thank you in advance for your support.




Controller and Firmware all up to date, Switches USG and AP'S are all connected to the controller with the right Ip 10.168.1.xx