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Mikrotik + Unifi Help!!

Having some issues, hope somebody could help. Mad props to anyone who just tries!


It's clear certain elements get flushed when you reboot; I've studied this on unifi and have mixed answers on which items these are and how to keep items needed (preservation of apps or settings)... I'm familiar with vyatta. but, I basically have a dual uplink scenario which out of the gate makes it tough. right now I'm using the default to make it easy. i then have on LAN2. attempts at dual path haven't been reliable. i've also tried putting the mikrotik under WAN2.


To add injury - my  is connected using a crappy Zhone router. i bought a gpon thinking i could manipulate the mac address, put in my subscriber number + ip and away to the races. i was mistaken. ugh.


Ok, so next item - I want my Mikrotik to handle certain things the UniFi just wasn't built for and also as a redundancy factor. one is for some custom vpn and vpn routing. another is for better more broad dns cache / proxy servicces. another is tftp... How would you say set up my environment using 'best practices' in regards to my SHD's, a Pro Unifi 4P Gateway, a few PoE switches, and my Mikrotik? then assuming that works, possibly getting more reliable tftp (at least cache) so my phones dont crash so often. i also need to sniff out my config file because the cisco 8800s dont play nicely with asterisk.


I thought maybe setting the mac-address table to match the dedicated IP's in a hosts file, as an option but this didn't really do it.


so in summary:

my unifi pro 4p. what is optimal (what plugged into what?) i.e. where should my mikrotik board be in hosting my second uplink.

next, how can i cache, and enhance my tftp? which unit to use for cache of dns and html? hotspot? radius?

is it feasible to get the gpon working to replace a crappy bulky zhone?


i want to note, i do have an edge switch 10x and also 2 edgemax 4p.


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Re: Mikrotik + Unifi Help!!

So you have three routers: Zhone, Mikrotik, USG4 and actually a fourth edgerouter at the ready. There’s a Gpon in there somewhere, you’re having reliability issues with tftp/phones and your dual wan config, something about best practices with your AP, DNS caching, etc.


This question comes off as someone throwing random hardware at an unclear problem. You need to provide a network diagram, a clear and brief description of the added components beyond the obvious required pieces. My knee jerk reaction is you need to SimpliFi your UniFi, but maybe just a clearer picture of what your network looks like and why will do.