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Moving all my sites from Cloud Key to VPS controller.

Hi everyone,


Im have a Cloud Key (CK) running 24/7 at my work server but its running against it's max capacity.

So I have installed Unifi on a new VPS to host all my sites plus room to grow for more sites.

I have backed up the config of the Cloud Key and want to move all the sites to the new VPS.

After setting up the VPS I got to the page for initial setup and choose for "restore backup". Here I selected the backup file and the page changed to the login page of the controller.


Strangely I cant login with my credentials. I know more people got this problem, but I would like to know if this has something to do with the Cloud Key still being online, or the VPS having a different IP or so?


Really need help with getting all my sites up & running on the VPS controller as I have a big installation monday morning and the Cloud Key has been giving me s*** where I cant log into my sites.