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Need vlan help with the USG

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Hey guys. I'm wanting to turn the lan and voip port into a switch and also have a Vlan 20 for guest on my aps. Can somebody tell me how to do this. I've done this on a egde router 5 port poe, but I used the GUI. Anyhelp would be appericated.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Need vlan help with the USG

It is possible to bridge ports eth1 and eth2, and to apply a VLAN config to br0, but this is not how the USG is supposed to work. 


Bridging ports has a performance penalty and applying this config will need to be done via CLI with additional steps required to make it persistent.


Have you already got the USG? It probably isn't the best equipment to do what you want and something like an ER-X which has an inbuilt switch chip.

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