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New Feature: Auto Backup when Manual Backup

Hey folks, would like to make a suggestion. The manual and auto backup functions work very well but I have a tweak / suggestion that would improve it further.


When one requests a manual "download" backup, I wish that the system would also perform a backup to its default location. It appears the only way to get a backup in the default location is using the schedule. But, I often make a change and want to make a backup, which I do manually. Problem is these backups lands in a lot of different computers, depending on from where I'm doing the work.


Also the only way to get a backup *now* into the default location is to change the schedule of the auto backups to something like every hour and choose a minute that's coming soon, then change the schedule back to what you desire.


If, when you do a manual backup the system could also immediately execute (or just reuse the file) an ad hoc scheduled backup that would be grand.


I *think* the system automatically uses these schedule backups to restore APs when you adopt them after having forgotten them. If the system did auto backups ad hoc when requested then the adoption would go correctly and not push old configuration information.


Hopefully this makes sense and my assumptions about how the system uses these backups is correct!