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New setup about to be deployed

Hi there,


Still relativly new new to this kit but quickly finding my way around the GUI and starting to like it!


Im just about to deploy an upgrade to replace an existing setup of old consumer kit. I have a basic setup of the following:


USG - US-8-60W - Cloud Key - 2 x AP Lites


Having played with this setup over the last few days I’ve been trying to configure the kit so that it’s ready to install at the clients address but I’m having a few issues, mostly with conflicting information from the forums so I thought I’d post just so I’m 100% sure I’m doing things right.


What I’m after is the USG in dual WAN mode as I have 2 x 80/20 connections from the ISP (BT), I intend leaving the modems as is to save the pain as these are not really that configurable on their WAN connections. I require load balancing between these 2 connections weighted at 50%. I had this setup on the USG configuration on both WAN,s but since the firmware change it’s only available on the secondary WAN connection, hopefully this will still work??


I also have had to reset all the kit a couple of times and go through the arduous process of trying to get all the kit to adopt etc. This was due to wanting to change the default IP address range from to, I followed the guides and also a YouTube tutorial however certain items, mainly the Cloud Key would not either show up or adopt, is there an easy way to complete this? I don’t mind resetting all the kit again and starting from scratch if this is the easier way of doing this?


Now a nice to have but not essential, I’d like to setup static IP’s for all the UniFi kit and just have connecting clients on the DHCP, example:



Cloud Key -

AP 1-

AP 2-


I would also like to have some bandwidth control to manage P2P etc in order to stop rouge users hogging the connections, I’ve looked at smart queues but when I tested this on the USG it cut my connection speed by approx half, again this might just be the config, if not possible then I’ll leave this out.


Thanks in advance for any insight and help!

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Re: New setup about to be deployed

Did you figure out the load balancing part?
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Re: New setup about to be deployed

I tried to prep my equipment before I installed it, but came across too many issues when I tried to connect it properly. I found the best way is to just plug it all up and go from there.


Your network will be up once you have everything plugged in, but you'll be running on the default IPs/configs.


When you first log into the USG, you'll be able to set a new IP address on it, so you can then set it to your 192.168.5.X network.


As for the other devices, you can do that in the controller when you log in under the Devices tab.


I haven't set up load balancing for my ISP, so I can't speak to that.