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Not mounting a rack mount UPS

Can you use a rackmount UPS without a rack enclosure and simply place it on the desk or in a drawer or something? My gut says no, but I’m in new territory now and I figure I’d ask. 

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Re: Not mounting a rack mount UPS

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with a few asterisks..  sure, why not.  a UPS is a UPS regardless of the shape or how it mounts.  however...


1) use caution with the amps.  is the UPS is a 20 amp UPS and it's connected to a 15a circuit, it will work fine, however if you use the lights (or software) to determine your capacity.  i.e., the UPS says it's 50% used.  when connected to a 15 amp breaker, it's really 66% used.  so you could overload the 15amp if you loaded down the ups.   but for a few items.  no issues at all


2) airflow.  you need to ensure that the airflow around, above, below is not obstructed.  some have fans and when they are using battery, they need to move the air to cool down the components.  with out enough air flow, you could shorten the life of the UPS or damage something.


3) heat... (related to item number 2)  most (maybe all, but I can't say for sure) UPS' need to shed heat.  by putting them in a rack, that ensures nothing it touching them, so nothing will hold the heat in.  so on a desk, maybe use "something" to lift it off the desk 1/2 inch or something like that.  nothing solid,  maybe a HDD caddy in the 4 corners or something crazy like that.


4).. dont put it in a drawer or anything enclosed.  racks have air movement (see it's number 3 and 4).


5).. you can always pick up a rack cheap.  ebay, craigslist etc.



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Re: Not mounting a rack mount UPS

Theres no reason you can't do this.


However, you have to leave space on the backside of the device (min. 2" (5cm)), as rackmounted means the backside is the only place to reliably ventilate the system. In addition, of course, you have to make sure that the environment is somewhat free of dust and properly temperated. So a closed drawer might not be the appropriate place for a device that needs ventilation, be it rackmounted or not.