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One Device unable to reliably gateway to internet on one network...

We have one particular device (an iMac) which has troubles sending/receiving traffic through the USG gateway to the WAN port (Internet.) Some parrticular destinations work well, while other destinations have very poor speeds, or timeout.


The situation is quite odd:

  1. The problem only happens when the device is connected to our main corporate network in the range.
  2. The problem happens when connected via eithernet to a UBNT switch or through a UBNT access point on this network. (We're an all UBNT shopMan Happy 
  3. If we move the device to another network, such as the communications are all just fine, and are fast and reliable.
  4. No other devices on are experiencing similar problems.
  5. It doesn't matter what port on the device is used (there are two ethernet ports).


In summary, if the device connects in any way to it is likely to have intermittent and poor connectivity, whrether it is connected via WiFi or ethernet. if it connects through another network it doesn't have these problems.


This particular device is a very active user (the most active on the internet) and they have Parallels Access so they can remotely access, and they have Back To My Mac enabled (until macOS Majove removes the capability.)


What are likely causes of the poor performance when this device is on

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Re: One Device unable to reliably gateway to internet on one network...

Anyone have a reply to this? I have a very similar issue. Thanks.