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Order to setup and install - Gateway, Switch, Cloud, Camera, AP?

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I have a 24 port switch, 5 cameras, Cloud v2, Security Gateway and 5 cameras. 


Is there a perferred order that I should install? 


Once I setup the cloud - I go into the management for the other deviceS?

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Re: Order to setup sand install - Gateway, Switch, Cloud, Camera, AP?

If you are doing a LAyer 3 adoption to a controller in the cloud, I would setup the USG first. Then when the other devices connect to the USG, they will be directed to the controller.

If you are using an onsite controller, I'd connect all the networking gear first and get it up and running, then do the cameras.
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Re: Order to setup and install - Gateway, Switch, Cloud, Camera, AP?

You should be able to just plug it all in and power on.  The USG defaults the WAN to DHCP and it should hand out IPs on the LAN, so everything will start up and just sit there waiting to be adopted.  You might want to power the Cloudkey via external supply while you are getting everything configured and addopted; if you are powering via the POE from the switch, every time the switch reboots (firmware upgrades) the Cloudkey would loose power and reboot with it.


Adoption/config order... Setup the controller/Cloudkey first of course, then I would adopt and config the USG, once it is done, adopt and config the switch, once it is done then move onto everything else.  The cameras can all be adopted into the video controller at the same time, no need to stagger them.



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Re: Order to setup and install - Gateway, Switch, Cloud, Camera, AP?

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If you're OK with having your network on then plug the USG in first, then the rest of the devices. The USG has a DHCP server and a basic web UI. Use the Chrome Ubiquiti Discovery tool to find the Cloud Key's IP. Log into the CK and give it a static IP then set up the rest of your network from there.


If you want not to use, then plug the CK into your existing network first. Use the discovery tool mentioned above to get the IP of the CK. Set up the network first, defining your LAN settings, SSID and things like that. Give the CK a static IP in the new address space last, because you'll lose connectivity to it on the old network once you do that. Now plug the USG in and your computer directly into the LAN port. Access the USG by going to in your browser and log in using ubnt / ubnt. Next, you can set the new LAN and DHCP server settings there. Once saved, now you can plug in the rest of your UniFi equip and log into the CK on the static IP you gave it. From there you'll be able to adopt everything in the controller and finish tweaking settings to your needs. Set up the cameras last.


You never actually said Cloud Key, just Cloud v2, so I assumed you have a CK.