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Port mirroring with PoE

I have a cellular gateway that uses PoE, which I want to use with the USG-PRO-4 as a WAN2 connection, but since it requires PoE, I would like to use the US-48-500w to power it (without the need to purchase a PoE injector). 


I was thinking about setting up Port 1 to mirror Port 2 and then port 2 would power the cellular gateway and traffic would be mirrored to Port 1, in which port 1 would then go to the WAN2 on the USG. 


When I setup mirroring, the PoE+ option gets disabled. So my question is, will PoE get disabled on BOTH ports, or will PoE only get disabled on the port (in this example, Port 1) configured to mirror another port?