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Q: USG - VPN Login Log report

Hi,  I have done a bit of digging but have trouble finding if there is a way to do this.


I have inherited a client site who use USG for their office firewall; they use PPTP and L2TP  based "Road Warrior" VPN connection to the office for some staff to allow remote work for team.


I am being asked if I can generate a report from the VPN server / so that it can be easily reviewed, who logs in when / how often.


possible scenario,

- have logs sent to a place that is easy to search

- have logs in plaintext on the on-premise unifi controller server? then I build a small script to harvest / grep out entries of interest, and send out report nightly via email


so far I had a look in web UI, and in the back-end logs. I can't see indication that 'user login events' are logged.


I was able to see in the webUI, when someone was actively logged in / and for how long - but that was about it.


Just curious if there is any way to get at this info.