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RMA Request

I have a switch that was not working out of the box and received an RMA approval, however that approval did not include a shipping label? I've tried to email the RMA dept with no response. I've also used the support chat line with the support specialist saying refer my case to the RMA dept. However I still have yet to receive a response. My question being is it the Ubiquiti's standard operating procedure that the customer is expected to pay for shipping and insurance to return a defective switch? This is actually pretty costly for a small company that doesn't do much shipping, especially when adding the insurance. This is especially inconvenient due to the small profit margin on this job.

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Re: RMA Request

Hi @nexuscomm


Thanks for letting me know that. I will be contacting you via PM to gather some more information about the RMA number and more information about the switch.



David S



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Re: RMA Request

I have the same exact question. I received an RMA approval email, but no label. I replied back but haven't heard anything.