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Release a duplicate named static IP-There was an error saving the LAN network. Invalid API request.

I have finally solved my problem but for anyone else having this problem I hope this helps because I could not find any solutions online.


Existing computer with name "z620-6" has a static ip "".  



Then this computer starts having bad motherboard issues, so it is taken offline and replaced with new computer that is identical and thus uses the same name "z620-6" and needs to also use the same IP for simple management issues.

Unfortunately the USG will not allow it to have the same IP giving the error "There was an error saving the LAN network. Invalid API request."

It seems obvious enough that the router believes the IP already belongs to a computer named "z620-6" with a different MAC address right?  But how do you release this IP?

The popular search result will you to go to the insights and Forget the computer with the IP. is not there.  Even if you do a search for ALL and the IP.  



I had to go to the Insights/Past Connections, set the date range to the last time the original box was active and search for the IP.  Found IT!  Then you have to Edit/Configure/Network that line item and turn off the static IP.  Even though it doesn't exist.  Now its released.


That's just a silly waste of my time.  There should be an easier way to solve this problem.  Why doesn't it show up in the Past Connections? so I can forget it?  Why cant I just "Forget" it in the past connections instead of jumping more hoops?  Even better, how about an error message that actually means something like "This IP is already in use. Would you like to forget and release it"  Why yes, I would, thank you very much, problem solved. 


So for those of you searching for this error message, I hope this saved you some time and aggravation.