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Rogue DHCP alerts when captive guest network enabled

I've read a bunch of topics here about the rogue DHCP server detection feature, and none of them quite fit the issue I'm having.


When I enable a captive portal guest network (a VLAN which is also broadcast wirelessly with a unique SSID), UniFi generates alerts from my switches on the ports where APs are connected claiming there is a rogue DHCP server for the guest network. It's only the guest network, and only if the captive portal is enabled.


My only supposition is that the APs are actually having DHCP servers enabled for the guest network in this configuration, and the switches detect this condition?


Short of mirroring the switchports in question and wiresharking to see where DHCP packets are coming from, is this a known issue or is there something else I can troubleshoot?


UniFi version  atag_5.9.29_11384


Switches are UniFi Switch 16XG and UniFi Switch 48 L2 POE