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SFP ring with redundance

Hi! I'm planning to use 6 US-24-500W switches arround a campus an one USG as the router. What I nnedo to know is if it's possible to use the SFP ports to do a ring topology with redundance. 


I'm planning to connect SPF1 on SW1 to SPF2 on SW2, then SPF1 on SW2 to SPF3 on SW3 and so on utill I get from SPF1 on SW6 to SPF2 on SW1. Then on SW1 Port1 to the USG.


Is this possible?

Can I tell the switch that they are working on a Ring?





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Re: SFP ring with redundance

i do not believe the switches will work in a ring, like stackable switches. they should however use spanning tree to shutdown one of the links until another one goes down.

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