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Same Mac - Multiple VLANs

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I have a Meraki MX-84 firewall connected to my Unifi 16 XG switch which is then connected to multiple Unifi 48 port switches.  They are all connected with VLAN trunk ports (VLAN ALL.) 


In my Unifi controller under events I am seeing the Meraki show connected/disconnected/connected repeatedly to the various VLANs being served by the Meraki firewall.  I believe this is caused by the fact that the Meraki is using the same MAC address on all of the VLAN interfaces.

Question is, is this simple a problem with the event reporting or are the Unifi switches having a problem with the same mac on various VLANs / no per VLAN mac tables?


Possibly unrelated, possibly not...I just brought up a PTP link using Nanostation 5ACs and they are randomly rebooting.  Could this problem be related or something completely separate.