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Setting up USG over SSH

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Hi, i have a USG fresh out of the box. I can SSH into it, but I can't log into the web interface ( just gives a swirling grey circle, it never seems to load.)


How can I configure the device over SSH? There's a few guides out there for EdgeMax routers,  but even though the USG runs EdgeOS, a lof the commands don't work.


All I need to do is set the USG's static IP, tell it some ports to pass through, and set the controller URL. We're setting up a VPN, this USG is for the remote office,


I can set the controller URL but right now it's getting its IP dynamically from the DHCP server and I need it to be static to set it up properly.


EDIT: After sleep & shower it took but an hour. I configured, it triggered, now the USG is happy.


I SSH'd into the box (using default username/password) on the LAN port. Then I typed:


this put the USG into configuration mode

set eth0 address

delete eth0 address

this set a static LAN-side IP, which put it on the same subnet as the DHCP server.

I set the DHCP server to give out the USG's LAN-side address as the gateway.

Then I set up the Unifi controller software on the server.


SSH for other confused people: Not all the EdgeOS commands you find will work; there are a lot of different versions floating around! You can get a basic setup with initial-setup, but most of the manual configuration will be in configure. You can print the whole configuration file with show and set individual properties set. Use ? or TAB to show what commands you can type in your current context.