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Setup in Corporate Setting

Hi Guys,


I've been tryignt to do some research on setting up a new network but I have a couple of questions.  Like in most scenarios I want to enable access for LAN and also GUEST.  My current setup is as follows:


Internet - Cisco Failover - WatchGuard - Network


I to add in a Guest WiFi controlled by VLAN i'm guessing i will need either the edgemax or the USG would that be true?


If so where would it sit in my setup?  Between the watchguard and network?


Internet - Cisco Failover - WatchGuard - Network

                                                        - USG


I hope this makes sense but I am looking to switch out our current setup pretty quickly with a UniFi setup as the current setup is not ideal at best.


Basically i want to make sure that any guest traffic is sent straight to a seperate interface on the watchguard and any internal traffic is sent to the network.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Many Thanks