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Should I Try a UniFi Switch



My site took a lightning strike and fried most of the stuff. The fried switches are Cisco SG300 series.


I've had UniFi access points for years and just installed a USG. It seems logical that I should give the UniFi managed switches a try.


There will still be Cisco SGs providing and requiring trunks. Will the UniFi switches be able to read tags from the Cisco switches and would the UniFi swicthes be able to craete trunks that the Ciscos could understand?



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Re: Should I Try a UniFi Switch

Link Aggregation on UniFi uses IEEE 802.3ad (LACP) so they should work just fine with Cisco switches supporting the same.

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Re: Should I Try a UniFi Switch

You should try our service. we provide quick service for shipping of any where we have also the SG300-28PP-K9-NA series of switches.