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Site-to-site VPN traffic after L3 adoption

I have two sites under one controller. site A (controller) and site B with a bunch of APs.


I setup a site-to-site vpn between the sites. My question is, will all the traffic/stats from site B (where controller is) will be sent to site A via the tunnel such as DPI data, traffic, and stuff that is in the dashboard?


Or none of it is encrypted since it uses  ip:8080/inform

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Re: Site-to-site VPN traffic after L3 adoption

I think it depends on how you set the inform address. If you used an internal IP, then it would go over the VPN, if not, then the external.

Be careful if you use the internal, because if the VPN goes down, and the device can't reach back using the inform address, then you can't reconfigure it using the controller. This would be extra bad if you had a USG at the remote side using the internal IP as the inform address.
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