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Strange problems with Sonos Boost and Unifi network.

So I am not totally new to networks, but I am new to the Unifi world.


Got my rig about a week ago, loving it.  Its 5x UAP-AC-PROs with a 2x US-8-60W, hooked up to a USG3P.  


Things were working well enough, and because it wasn't broke, I needed to fix it :-).  I was optimizing some cable routing (I have an old Linksys 16 port managed swtich that most of my devices were hooked into, and was moving a few of the most used devices directly to the US-8). 


Things were going along well, network seemed to be running fine.  But then I noticed that the USG had blocked a port on the US-8, and the port that it blocked (#3) was the one actually hooked up to the Lynksys switch.  This was further complicated by the fact that all the devices hooked into the Linksys were still reachable, which they really shouldn't be if port #3 were blocked.  Its like the network found some sort of additional path to the switch/router, so the ports were getting shut down.


So after lots and lots (about 3 hours) of trial and error, I narrow it down to my Sonos Boost.  If I take it out of the network everythinig is great.  If I put it back in, ports start blocking again.


My Sonos config is setup to use SonosNet, not Wifi.  I have a several speakers hooked up via SonosNet. The Sonos Boost along with 2 other Sonos Connects are hardwired into the network.  None of the Sonos devices has more than one network connection (i.e. I am not daisy chaining them, nor are they being used as a cheap switch).


The only thing I can think of is that the Boost is acting as some sort of wireless bridge back to the wired devices, and since those wired devices could see the devices hooked up to the Linksys router, it was bringing them into the network that way.  But if this "backwards" bridge was active, and the Linksys was also directly connected, then that would be two connections to the US-8, and it would make sense for one of those ports to get shut down. 


Is such a thing possible?  Or am I just foggy from 3 hours with my head in an equipment rack?

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Re: Strange problems with Sonos Boost and Unifi network.

You created a network loop with the boost and having those Connects also plugged into the ethernet.

SonosNet WILL loop your network and STP will shut off one of the looped ports to protect the network.

If you are going to use SonosNET pick ONE device to be the "master" and only plug it into the ethernet and have all the other Sonos device connect by SonosNet.
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Re: Strange problems with Sonos Boost and Unifi network.

Thanks TC.


I got rid of the Boost.  Sonos still seems to work fine.  I have two Connects still wired, but they are wired into the Linksys, not the US-8, so I have no way to tell if they are causing any looping or not.  So I should make just one of those Connects wired, and leave the other one wireless?  I get what you are saying about looping, but still it seems it should not do that.  Both Connects are right near wired points in the house, seems counterintuitive to go wireless there.