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Two openvpn tunnels on USG-PRO-4

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Hello community,


I am using the current firmware and contoller SW versions.

I have one persistent OpenVPN tunnel configured through the config.gateway.json file.


The syntax that works for this one tunnel is: 

{ "interfaces": { "openvpn": { "vtun0": { "config-file": "/config/openvpn/client.conf" } } } }


I was now trying to add a second client tunnel to a different server. I also created a new, different config file in /config/openvpn for the second tunnel. 


When trying to bring up the tunnels individually, both come up. This tells me the config files actually work in itself. However I struggle to get both tunnels up in parallel. If I add the second tunnel to the  config.gateway.json file:



           "interfaces": {
                   "openvpn": {

                                   "vtun0": {
                                   "config-file": "/config/openvpn/client.conf"

                                  "vtun1": {
                                   "config-file": "/config/openvpn/client2.conf"


none of the two tunnels come up. I used various online json syntax checkers which came up with errors, but using "corrected" versions create a commit error on the controller (which means the syntax is wrong).


So I am a bit lost now. Maybe someone more used to json and advanced config can help me out? As said when in config mode I can simply add the respective vtun interface and also both, so my OpenVPN configs must be ok.