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US-16-150W passive PoE clarification

This whole passive PoE story is a ridiculously convoluted mess.


I'm currently looking at the US-16-150W.

The product page mentions passive 24V support.

The QSG doesn't mention it at all.

This thread says passive PoE is going away.

And yet another thread says removing 24V support was a temporary production error.


This is ridiculous. There is contradictory and outdated information everywhere.

If Ubnt can't even get the official documentation right, how are we supposed to know?


I just want a straight answer: does the US-16-150W still support passive PoE, or does it not?

(and while we're at it, what about the other switches?)

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Re: US-16-150W passive PoE clarification


Hi, checkout the UniFi support docs about USW with PoE here and on all devices here

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