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USG 2 wan split traffic



I'm wanting to find out if it would be possible split traffic between 2 wans on the USG. I'd like to have WAN1 used for all traffic execpt VOIP. WAN2 would be used for only VOIP. The modem from ISP will be set to only allow VOIP traffic down their second connection so I just need to be able to send a spefiic vlan to WAN 2.

My thoughts were create a VOIP vlan ie vlan 10 and have VLAN 10 route to WAN2. All other traffic will still route down WAN1.


Is this possible to do? I saw in the controller that we can do failover and LB but that's not what I'm looking to do. 


Thanks for the help!

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Re: USG 2 wan split traffic

It can be done, but you'll have to do so via the config.gateway.json method as that is the only way to set up Policy-based routing at the moment: