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USG 3P - Continuous Restarts

I've read some of the other posts but most have migrated into USG Pro restarting issues.


My USG has worked great for 12 months and on the 13 months (yes the month that its warranty no longer is valid) I am having continuous restarts. Some days none but normally 7-11 restarts in a day taking down my network. I have contacted support and they have told me to update to 4.5.3dev.5076552 which has not solved the issue.


I contacted them again, and without even looking at the logs or anything they just said that the USG is faulty. I asked how long the warranty was and they said 12 months. My response was "Seriously. I have had it for 13 months. You have to be kidding me!" to which their response was "No, I'm not kidding."


Any suggestions or is my USG dead after 13 months on a home network?



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