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USG 3P Dropping Connection/Adoption Failed

Have had the USG installed on my network for about a week. The only problems up until this point were that the uptime and through-put metrics on the controller dash were spotty and inaccurate. I could deal with that. 

This morning, though, the connection has been dropping every ~60sec for about 5 seconds and disrupts all devices on LAN. It seems to resolve on its own and too quickly for me to track down what the issue might be. I did get lucky and catch the "Adoption Failed" error once during one of these outages. This is odd since I haven't made any major changes to the configuration other than logging to an external endpoint. The rest of the time I see no errors whatsoever. I have double and triple checked all fw policies and network configuration in the controller, none has changed since I was stable after installation.  


Controller version 5.6.40 (tried updating but same problem, need this version for testing with a third-party tool)

USG version