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USG Debian version End-of-life and other Security issues

I read a lot of security audits here, being not a network security expert, i was wondering what and if these remarks are important on eg my USG: Debian 7.0 support ended on 2016-04-26 end of regular support / 2018-05-01 (end of long-term support for Wheezy-LTS). Upgrade to Debian Linux 9.x ("Stretch"). For more information, see : I think it is a bit strange that even I upgrade regularly this USG someone pointed this out to me. Is it important and poses this s a big security risk?
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Re: USG Debian version End-of-life and other Security issues

The base OS for USG is EdgeOS, they have already updated Debian in their latest betas. So expect to get an upgraded base OS for the USG in future releases.

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Re: USG Debian version End-of-life and other Security issues

Plus UBNT backports any security patches to their OS images.  A lot of folks don't understand the differences between a standard distro and a purpose built release like UBNT.    If this were a regular PC there would be cause for concern - not so much here...


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