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USG Feature Roadmap

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Hi all,


The following is an overview of some of the features we are planning on exposing in the UniFi controller UI. They are not in any specific order. There will be other additions, but these are the main ones I want to highlight. We are currently working on getting these implemented, and you can expect to see them added in future UniFi v5 releases.


This list may be updated from time to time, either as features are added, new features are in the works, or if we have an ETA.


  • IPv6
    • WAN support
    • IPv6-PD
    • Full IPv6 implementation
  • QoS
    • Full QoS exposed in UI
    • Smart Queue (details in EdgeOS 1.7.0 release notes, HERE, released as of controller 5.1.0)
  • Firewall (Released as of controller 5.1.0, still in beta status).
    • Full control (create rules, change order, etc.)
  • NAT
    • Full control (create rules, change order, etc.)
    • Hairpin on/off
  • Routing protocols
    • phase one of routing protocols, static routes (next-hop, blackhole, etc), released in controller 5.1.0, still in beta status.
    • other routing protocols to be added in the future (OSPF, RIP, etc.).
  • Website blocking
  • DPI
    • Phase 1 implemented, more to come including historical data, user/network/SSID blocking and/or rate limiting, and more.
  • Pull EdgeRouter config
  • Config Tree, similar to EdgeRouter (exposing many CLI options)
  • PBR
    • May be implemented in stages, TBD
  • Integrate FreeRADIUS, for better remote user VPN management (possibly expanded for other authentication).
  • Merging latest EdgeOS code (this will always be ongoing)
  • Manage static IP entries
    • Full manual control (view/add/edit), without relying on the client to be connected
  • Manage static DNS entries

Hope that helps give insight on our goals for the USG line.