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USG PRO 4 Fan Noise - SOLVED

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I've read a lot on the forums about the USG PRO 4 Fan noise issue. I had my USG mounted in another room and the high pitched sound of the fans was clearly audible in the next rooms. I would to recommend anyone that if you get the USG PRO 4 make sure it is in a closed closet or an enclosed server rack where fan noise wouldn't be an issue.


I couldn't take the noise any longer so I went online and saw many folks talk about switching the fans out. I found this video on YouTube:


I got these fans:


It took a total of 10 mins to replace the fans. Make sure you have the appropriate "small" screwdrivers to take out the screws as they can strip easily if you aren't careful. But I am VERY happy with the upgrade. Not only are the fans quieter (not silent) but the "whine" of the old fans is completely eliminated which is the problem.


Here is a before and after video shot from my phone:






Hopefully this post helps other out going thru the same issue.