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USG PRO Virtual Appliance



From what i can tell, USG runs on a fork from vyatta.

Considering that most customers have some sort of virtual infrastructure, isn't it possible for USG to be released as a VM Appliance, so that customers could use it in their virtual environment and at the same time not having to worry about an hardware failure ?

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Re: USG PRO Virtual Appliance

Yea the subject comes up on the forums every now and then, but I haven't seen any request in the feature request section

If you make a request there I'll definitely vote for it - I do not want to steal your idea
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Re: USG PRO Virtual Appliance

It's not a bad idea, but my suspicion is that they don't have the support resources to provide end user support to virtual environments (huge support burden)... And that is probably what is preventing them from doing that (aka I don't think there is any real technical limitation).


I could be wrong, though.


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Re: USG PRO Virtual Appliance

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Thanks for the feedback. Going to post on the request section.

Trying doesn't hurt... Man Wink

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Re: USG PRO Virtual Appliance

if they are able to create a VM which can comunicate with the controller it shoud be quite easy.
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Re: USG PRO Virtual Appliance

@Colgaia => technically, even possible, it doesn't make sense for UBNT to implement any VM.

There are few reasons, really good for it :

  1. the integration software/hardware using MIPS and the offload is not available on x86-64 VM, which means that developping the software will be fully CPU based, using maybe some x86-64 accelerations, but need new dev, complete one more or less, so, it's starting from 0, and maybe not performing as much as the current hardware+software combo (look at the consumption of a USG-3P during load, you'll see it's hard to match with a x86-64 computer !)
  2. virtualization shifted almost 2 years ago to Software Defined Network, with at the core, VXLAN. The VXLAN is basically encapsulation of the traffic within L3 UDP packets having the capability to carry millions of VLAN virtually on the same network, it's great, it's awesome, and it's fully accelerated BY the network cards, and the only field UBNT may come is for VTEP : the software or hardware/software component which bridge the VXLAN with the VLAN (from the virtual to physicial networks), and those VTEP, are mostly provided already (in openstack, in VMware NSX wit hthe gateways !)


Based on virtualization evolution, the next step of SDN is to integrate virtual  (VXLAN) with real (LAN) networks using accelerated VTEP : those are hardware based router, not software based, and this is were UBNT may come, but it'll be hardware based again !


I understand the need to see routing, firewalling, and others network features in your "own" cloud enviroment, but as per 2017, this is the cloud which is providing it, not a VM.

You must see network as a Services within the cloud, and not an infrastructure element, the cloud provider IS responsible to make it possible at the fastest possible pace, and this is where VTEP come into picture


I recommend you to read:

  • the VXLAN wikipedia page here
  • the openswitch wikipedia page here
  • the VXLAN RFC page here


You'll see, the only players in the cloud field are now Cisco, Huawei, Juniper and consors , providing hardware/software integration providing embedded firewall/routing/bridging in software with hardware acceleration as the border between virtual and physical network


The time of VM for firewall and routing are gone


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Re: USG PRO Virtual Appliance

Would be great if we could add VPN with our cloud like we do between 2 USG !