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USG Power connector

Hi folks, 


I was mounting my USG Pro 4 into my mini datacenter at home. It has a pretty standard APC UPS and an APC PDU. And while I was happily plugging everything in I noticed that the USG Pro deviates from the standard. So, here's my question to the Ubiquiti guys:


Dear Ubiquiti guys,

WHY do you mount a C5/C6 power connector into the USG Pro??


The whole world is using C13/C14 and/or C19/C20 in their respective datacenters. Because of the C6 connector I now have to either order an adaptor plug or cut up the original power cable and mount a C13 after all. Why not mount a C14 directly into the USG Pro? It would make adoption in a datacenter so much easier. 


It's a bit frustrating. 


Kind regards, 

ps: I added pics of the C5 plug and the C13 plug so you all can see the difference. 

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Re: USG Power connector

Future products will use C13. 

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Re: USG Power connector

Might want to give a vote/comment in the right angle thread @amuetste Man Very Happy


-Jamie M.