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USG Pro 4 Losing Admin credentials once adopted

Hi all, I am very new to this new hardware and the SDN.  I have recently sold off all my Cisco switches/routers and decided to invest into this platform, the core reason being the excellent management platform. 


I have today reset the default the USG several times as I seem to be losing access to the USG once its adopted. I try to login to the USG's static ip address, I get the login page, but no credentials allows me to login.  I can login to the Unifi Controller that adopted the USG with no problem.   


So, I reset again the USG, I login to the default IP and get the normal 'gateway cannot connect to the internet' etc.  I eventually get my BT Infinity PPPOE to save (it takes several retries) and then I can adopt into the Controller. 


Is there something really stupid I am missing or doing wrong?   If it helps, I have listed the versions that I have installed. 


Unifi Controller:

Security Gateway FW:


Just to finish off, the USG does work ok, hence I am typing this, however I have a second BT Infinity WAN that I want to get configured and I cannot seem to do this unless I am logged into the USG itself. 


Thanks for any pointers. 

Regards, Colin.

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Re: USG Pro 4 Losing Admin credentials once adopted

Once adopted, you should be able to configure the USG through the controller software.