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USG VPN Client - Forwarding traffic to LAN



Hopefully someone can help me...


I have the following situation:


Office End - Draytek 2925 Router

Remote End - USG behind another router that we cannot access.


We have a machine on the LAN side of the USG that we need to access from the office.


The WAN side of the USG is receiving a local IP from the inaccessible router and not an external IP.


We have successfully setup a VPN Client in the USG which is connecting to the draytek and being assigned an IP from the draytek IP pool. We can ping the USG via this address successfully.


The final element is to set a port forward to the machine on the LAN side of the USG such that we can access it via the dhcp assigned IP at the draytek end however this is not working.  Should the port forward settings work like this via the VPN client or is it expecting the traffic to come directly from the WAN?