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USG causing "Connected, No Internet" Proxy firewall issue?

Hopefully someone can offer some insight. I am not a system admin by any definition, but I love networking and Ubiquiti products. I have taken the dive head first to the pro-level equipment. I had the AmpliFi HD system which was great as far as setup and maintenance, but I have 2 little toddlers that enjoy unplugging the satellites causing my wife to get upset at me for wifi not working....

I have the:


Gen 1 CloudKey

8 Port 150W POE switch

2 UAP-AC-PROs mounted on two different floors. (1600 ft Townhome)


I'm comfortable with most of the settings on the USG, but I've had an issue that is causing me to pull my hair out.

My configuration is fairly basic. I followed the guide from Chris @ crosstalk solutions. ( Very happy with the performance and love the products. My issue is, one computer is giving me a yellow warning on my wifi connection saying "Connected, No Internet". The thing is, I actually do have internet access.


This computer is a corporate computer. (I know. It could be anything) I did not have this issue with the AmpliFi HD or an old Netgear system. Even when i connect to Public WiFi, there are no issues. Only at home do I get this yellow warning. Normally, I wouldn't really care that much, but the problem is this is causing my applications to think there is not a connection. (Outlook 365, Skype, etc.) In turn I have to connect to a secure VPN connection which drastically slows my speeds.

I think that the problem lies in a proxy connection that our company uses to secure the connection for all Office365 communication. They use an application called NetSkope that I believe is causing the issue, but not 100% sure. There's also a proxy listed in the windows settings ( wpac.xxxxxxxx/xxxx.pac). I did verify with our IT that they use a proxy to secure the traffic.


I'm assuming I have a firewall setting on the USG that is causing this to to be able authenticate properly? This is why I think the problem is on my end.


I reached out to our IT department and they are not willing to assist since I actually have internet and it seems to be my hardware issue. I also tried to talk with Ubiquiti support and that wasn't helpful either.


Anyone have any tips they could offer? It would be greatly appreciated.