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USG3 Management Port

I'm new and not an IT professional, so take a little pity on me...

New home setup- USG3 and Unifi Controller software 5.8.28, would like to leave the controller running 24/7 on a dedicated PC.
Set up DDNS, and the web address now points straight to my USG3 login page. I'd like to have it just get a 404 page.

Is there a place in the controller GUI that I can configure the USG3 to not use port 80 for the management login?
Or is there a different way to achieve the same result? I'd still like to be able to access it remotely, just not through a 'common' port.



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Re: USG3 Management Port

You could create a firewall rule to allow a single IP (or group of IPs), and block all others to your USG

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Re: USG3 Management Port

You probably tried the DDNS access from within your own local network? That will indeed lead you to the web-interface of the USG.


But if you try the DDNS access from an outside network this will not be the case.That is blocked.


There is also no need to access the web-interface from the USG from the outside, you need the controller to configure it